“Joanne I want to say a big thank you to you for your time yesterday. You made me feel positive again and I’m right back on track. I have so much faith in you! I prayed to be in the best health for my daughter’s wedding and I was. It was amazing! Thanks to you!”

Karen W, Nottingham, UK (Participant in The Gut Recovery Program – 2019)

“If you had told me I would feel as well as I do now only two weeks into the program I would have laughed! All thanks to you! I’ve tried all sorts but no other nutritionist has ever been able to answer my questions properly so I’ve always given up after a month. I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis and other aches due to stress but now all my aches and pain seems to have gone! Since coming home from Santorini, everything about my diet, my body and it’s workings has been completely normal. People are even commenting on how great my skin is! :)”

Jane B, Liverpool, UK (participant in The Gut Recovery Program – 2019)

Nicki Cattell, Owner of Wessex Trichology Clinic, Weymouth, UK (participant of The Gut Recovery Program – 2019)

“This is my third week since starting The Gut Recovery Program. I just weighed myself and I have already lost 2kg! Getting my guts healthy and losing those extra kilos is not bad is it? Very happy and proud of myself. My guts are moving and alive again! Thanks Joanne!”

Iva C, Bournemouth, UK, (participant in The Gut Recovery Program – 2019)

“I wanted to let you know Joanne how grateful I am for this opportunity. I feel fantastic and now everything is coming together! I am in a much calmer, happier place and am so pleased that I can now go to the supermarket and not even think about going to the bakery or confectionary isle! Thanks for your help, so very much appreciated.”

Tanya B., Somerset, UK (participant in The Clean, Lean & Serene Method Hormone Balancing Weight Loss Program – 2020)

“I was a sugar/carb addict and was worried how I would cope with the cravings during the program. But something amazing happened! They never came! I’m still shocked as this was always my biggest downfall. a game changer for me!”

Rachael Marie, Leicester, UK, (participant in The New You Rapid Results Body Transformation Program – 2019)

“On behalf of the service and the Chief of Police, thank you! A very balanced approach, broken down and easy to use and implement.”

Cobourg Police Service, Ontario, Canada (participant in Employee Workshop Series – 2021

“Best live online training I have attended in a long time! Thanks Joanne for your time and knowledge.”

Brenda B, London, UK, (participant in Online Workshop Series – 2019)

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