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Ditch the Overwhelm and Transform Your Eating Habits with Ease and Confidence!


Discover the 7 foundational strategies to consistent, balanced nutrition for your best health through midlife and beyond. Includes a step-by-step video tutorial, resource guide, “no-cooking-required” meal plan, guided journal and daily affirmations and reminder cards.

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Step-by-Step Video Tutorial and Resource Guide

 “Nutrition Made Simple: Getting Started with Consistent Nutrition Habits Without Overwhelm” is your step-by-step guide through the 7 key foundational nutrition strategies for consistent, balanced eating for life. These steps can be easily adapted into any schedule and help you discover a healthier relationship with food that puts you in the drivers seat and guarantees your long-term success.

"No-Cooking Required" Meal Plan

Forget the stress of meal prep! Our customizable meal plan and recipe pack requires no cooking, making it easier than ever to fit healthy eating into your hectic day. Whether you’re feeding just yourself or a whole family, these plans can be adjusted to be vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or nut-free. See just how easy it can be to create consistent, healthy meals that support your body’s needs.

30 Day Guided Journal & Affirmation/Reminder Cards

 The “30 Day Journal to Mindful Eating” is not just a diary. It’s a tool complete with thoughtful prompts to help you become more aware of your personal eating habits and triggers, empowering you to make informed, mindful decisions every day without feeling overwhelmed. Thought you would never be able to break free from cravings and stress eating? You thought wrong! 

Nutrition Made Simple Success Kit

create consistent healthy eating habits with ease and confidence

Unlock the secrets to thriving in midlife with the Midlife Nutrition Made Simple Success Kit. This comprehensive toolkit is your blueprint for a simplified path to better health by providing straightforward nutrition strategies, effortless meal planning, and insightful daily practices to enhance your well-being without the stress of traditional diets. 

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 As a fellow perimenopause warrior, I’ve faced the daunting challenges that come with midlife hormonal fluctuations. At 44, amidst moving from the UK to Canada, I was grappling with anxiety, mood swings, sleep issues, and a sudden 30-pound weight gain. Overwhelmed by these life changes, I fell into a pattern of comfort-eating and over-eating, losing sight of my health along the way.

After seeing the photo on the left, I no longer recognized myself. I immediately jumped into my typical “all or nothing” approach to overhaul my nutrition and regain control. However, this only led to further overwhelm and exhaustion, and soon, I found myself reverting to old habits. After another 2 years of stress and frustration, I realized the need for a shift in approach—from mindless to mindful eating.

This revelation was transformative. I started recognizing my triggers and implementing small, manageable changes, focusing on consistency rather than perfection. These weren’t just temporary fixes but sustainable habits that fit seamlessly into my lifestyle.

Today, in my role as a Registered Nutritionist, I use this experience to help other women in midlife embrace new, healthy eating habits that they can easily introduce into their busy lives and sustain long-term. The Midlife Nutrition Made Simple Success Kit was created to do just that.

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Bite-size video tutorials to walk you step-by-step through our holistic health transformation program

A comprehensive toolkit of worksheets, planners, journals and other resources to help you implement each step quicker and easier

Done-for-you monthly meal plans and recipe bundles perfectly balanced to support a healthy hormone balance

Live Q&As and group training events (masterclasses, challenges and workshops)

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Nutrition Made Simple

Success Kit

"Getting Started with Consistent Nutrition Habits Without Overwhelm" step-by-step guide

"No Cooking Required" meal plan and recipes (customizable to be gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian or nut-free)

30 Day Journal to Mindful Eating complete with guided prompts and simple steps to create new habits with ease

30 Daily Mindful Eating Affirmations

25 Mindful Eating Reminder Cards

"Nutrition Made Simple" video tutorial walking you through the 7 foundational nutrition habits for consistent healthy nutrition for life.


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