From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Your Holistic Blueprint for Mid-Life Hormone Harmony

3 Day Live Event

Embrace Your Mid-Life Metamorphosis and Thrive Through Perimenopause and Beyond!

Discover in Just 3 Days How to Reclaim Your Confidence, Your Energy and Your Body…Naturally!

Day 1: Deconstructing Perimenopause

A Holistic Exploration of Root Causes & Your Unique Approach

Day 2: Mind Over Mid-Life

Rewiring Beliefs for Motivation & Mental Well-Being

Day 3: Your Step-by-Step Mid-Life Metamorphosis

Your Blueprint to Discover Your Inner Butterfly

Achieve clarity, calm and confidence to embrace your mid-life transformation in 3 days

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We Go LIVE january 30, 2023

Hi, I’m Joanne,

Your Host & Nutritionist

To say I know a thing or two about wacky hormones, life-threatening illnesses and declining mental health is an understatement.

At the age of 26, after recovering from Cancer treatment, my body was left toxic and inflamed and my hormones were a mess. This was the start of my journey into the world of nutrition. After graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2007, I implemented everything I had learned and discovered a level of health I had never experienced before.

Fast forward to age 32 and my hormones crashed again. This time after the birth of my daughter (who was a miracle baby by the way as I was told I would likely be infertile as a result of my intensive Cancer treatment). This time I had the added stress of being a new mother and I knew I needed to ask for help.

After working with my Naturopath, I identified the underlying root cause of my hormonal craziness and we developed a holistic strategy to nurture my mind and body back to health.

Fast forward again to age 45 and Mother Nature decided it was my time. Irregular, heavy cycles, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats and mood swings became my new reality. I was gaining weight and I started showing the signs of aging almost overnight. Perimenopause had begun. I used my knowledge, skills and past experiences to listen to my symptoms and identify the underlying root causes that needed my attention. I tweaked the same strategy that had helped me heal before and I got to work. Three years in to my mid-life transition and I have taken back control. My mission now is to help other women, just like you, to take back your power so you can discover your inner butterfly too.

DAY 01

Day 1 is all about understanding the difference between natural hormone decline and hormonal imbalance caused by underlying root causes which can be corrected. We’ll debunk myths, foster self-awareness, and introduce the three pillars of holistic health for hormonal balance. You’ll start seeing your symptoms in a new light and begin shaping your personal path to wellness. Be prepared to experience an identity shift from a woman living in fear and overwhelm to a woman with the clarity and confidence to embrace mid-life as a new beginning.



Hormone Imbalance & Root Cause Symptom Assessment


Happy Hormones Habit Tracker

DAY 02

On Day 2 you will learn how to challenge societal narratives and break free from limiting thought patterns so you can embrace the power of natural, holistic approaches to nurture your self worth and mental health. Discover how shifting your mindset can open doors to lasting well-being and give you back control over your health and your life through perimenopause and beyond.



Daily Affirmations for Peri/Menopausal Women


Vision Board Workbook

DAY 03

On Day 3 we will pull it all together by introducing you to my proven step-by-step holistic framework that you can begin to implement right away to achieve immediate results like enhanced energy, better sleep and relief of numerous other perimenopausal symptoms. 



Hormone Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide with Healthy Pantry Swaps


Meal Prep Guide for Stress Free Healthy Eating

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